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Innovation Summit 2019: How the destiny of your business and brand value is shaped

6 September 2019

Innovation is the new imperative for business survival it has become the new driving force. Effective engagement and inclusion is still a challenge for many organisations. We will demystify the wealth of resources; share how successful organisations engage to get fresh, new and game-changing ideas. The attendees will share their point of view and experiences on global innovation trends in their industry.

In business, the decisions made are now increasingly driven by what is best for the planet, the people, wider accessibility as well as commercial viability. The shift from 100% commercial gain to a gain for society, rules. This involves a new mindset and parameters when setting out innovation challenges for teams.

Within organisations, we see a lack of organised action, the lack of a flexible creative structure and a lack of knowledge of available resources holding many of them back. This is often influenced by time pressure and budgets.

We will attempt during this consultation and knowledge-sharing day to clarify the return on investment in all its forms as we demystify, enlighten and provide tools ato achieve profitable ideas faster.

  • Big picture look at innovation trends
  • Where are the global centres of creativity? what are they doing differently?
  • Exploring Global innovation resources
  • Human psyche and decision-making
  • Effective inclusion and engagement
  • Exploring “Open Innovation” where the flow of global resources has been accelerated and how it is being utilised

Together, we will share our experiences in delivering value at every touchpoint whilst endeavouring to build that important, trusted relationship so that stakeholders become ambassadors and customers. The speakers and the programme are still being finalised however a robust, respected and confidential exchange between those at the consultation is assured.

If you have something to share or learn and would like to join us please do get in touch.

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